My Goldwings cockpit view

The Goldwing Cockpit
Assorted photos of my Goldwing cockpit and it's accessories and where they are mounted.


Overview of the cockpit. Nokia Cellular using CellSet, Garmin StreetPilot GPS, Cigarette Lighter with home made mounting box mounted to a Tulsa Radar Detector Mount holding a Cobra Radar Detector.


Cockpit 2
Just another pic of the cockpit.


And still another cockpit view.

Garmin StreetPilot GPS
Mounted and powered up Garmin GPS


Garmin StreetPilot GPS
Another pic of the mounted GPS.

Back View of the GPS Mount

Back View
Rear view of the mounting hardware. I used a bracket from a Radio Shack universal phone mount.

Side view

Side View
Side view of the mounting hardware. The holes for the Garmin mount were tapped out to 2/56 size. It had existing brass inserts.

Top View

Top View
Top View of the mounting hardware. Very stable mount. I fabricated a metal plate for the underside to help prevent any cracking of the plastic.

Cell Phone

Cell Phone mounted
Nokia 6100 series cell phone mounted on a bike bouy mount using CellSet interface.

Radar Detector

Radar Detector
Cobra Radar detector mounted on a Tulsa Radar mount. Under it is a home made box for my cigarette lighter.

Voltage Meter

Voltage Meter
Shows the Venco voltage meter.

New Cockpit

Updated Phone Mount
Shows the Car Kit style Nokia Phone mount.

Phone Mounting

Updated Phone Mount (Phone Removed)
Shows the Car Kit style Nokia Phone mount without the phone. The velcro is just added security.

New Cockpit

Updated Phone Mount w/Phone
Shows the Car Kit style Nokia Phone mount with the phone installed.

New Cockpit

Sideview Phone Mount
Shows the Car Kit style Nokia Phone mount side view. The button on top of the mount is the release button.

Front View

Updated Frontal Picture
The Oval circle on each side are Pilot Driving lights. 55 Watts and throw out a heck of a side beam to light up the side of the road as well as whats in-front of you. Also note the Red light under the headlight. That is the Kit (as in the TV show) display lights. Bike is also sporting a new Tulsa windshield.


Mudflap mounted (Finally)
I finally found a bracket to mount my Yosemite Sam Back Off Mudflap.

New new Cockpit

New cockpit view
This shows the new cockpit view as of 3/22/01. Finally got my license and now have a Kenwood TM-7A Dual Band 2M/440 radio mounted.

Kenwood Radio

Kenwood TM-7A Dual Band
Shows the Kenwood as it's mounted under the GPS mount.

Kenwood Radio2

View 2 of Kenwood Radio
Another shot of the Kenwood..

Kenwood Mount

A Side view of the Kenwood
This shows how the Kenwood is mounted. I made an aluminum bracket and mounted it to the same base GPS mount. So far it appears very strong, does not vibrate and sits very nice right under the GPS.

Kenwood Front Mount

Another shot of the Kenwood Mount
Here is a front view of the Kenwood Mount. I can still put my Honda Radio cover on.

Kenwood and GPS

Front view of the Kenwood with the GPS in place.
This makes for very easy viewing of both devices and everything is within short arms reach.

Lighter box

Cigarette Lighter box side view
This is my cigarette lighter. It is a metal box mounted to the Tulsa Radar mount. The 2 switches on it is for my Fog lights and the 2nd is my Push To Talk switchover. I use the existing Wings PTT for the HAM radio. So if I want to talk on the CB I flip the switch up and use the PTT normally. If I want HAM then I flip the switch down and again use the Wings PTT notmally.

Lighter Front

Front View of the Lighter and Radar Detector.
This shows the lighter and radar detector. Everything is within easy reach.

Bike Rear

Rear View of the Bike
Just a rear shot. Shows the Comet Rhino Killer Ham Dual Band Antenna.

Antenna Mount

Close Up of the Antenna
Shows a closer view of the Antenna mounting. Metal mount is from MARC. Antenna is from Comet.