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Fly it with pride. Live it with compassion. Never Forget.

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My 2014 1800 Perl Spencer Blue Nav/XM
Sadly my second 98 1500 SE was totaled in an unfortunate accident. RIP



Moving EagleMoving FlagdecideFor Freedom

Photo Gallery Last Updated 03/22/2001

New SymbolMy Custom Leather Seat Updated 04/07/2011

Alpine CD Changer Updated 07/10/2000

Cell Phone Interfaces reviewed 01/08/2001

Power Distribution Panel 01/08/2001

6 Degree Trigger Wheel MPG data 01/26/2001

MARC on the Tierra Bella 2000

Photos of my 84 Aspencade

Garmin USB Data Card Programmer Review

APRS FINDME link (See my current location and breadcrumb trail)

My HAM Radio Page Updated 04-14-2003

My HAM Radio Install Page

MMO. The real Story

IPod Mounted on my Goldwing

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"My friends' home pages and favorite URLs. Last updated 01/30/2001"




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David Sawyer
I love motorcycles and have been riding them for 30+ years. I started with a Honda 305 and have since had many. My first goldwing was a 1984 1200 Aspencade and after alot of years and 109K miles it was time for a new one. I purchased my 98 wing brand new and put more then 150K miles on it until some worthless useless dirtbag did a hot and run on me and totaled. I purchased another 98 SE same color from my buddy and currently have some 70K miles on it and adding more daily. Sadly that bike also suffered a accident so I am not riding an 1800.


Motorcycles (Of course). Amateur Radio (HAM), Computers, Flying, Leather Craft, Woodworking and anything else that is a challenge.

Page Last updated 12/03/2014

You’ve got to dance like nobody's watching and love like it's never going to hurt.


Who says a shaftdrive Goldwing can't do a wheelie?

The Goldwing evolution

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