Unknown Goldwing Photos

Unknown Cool Photos
This page displays some photos that I thought were just plain cool looking.

Goldwing Wheelie
Blow away those myths that a 900 pound shaft drive motorcycle cannot do a wheelie!!!


A knee scraper goldwing ride.
Leaning way over.


Another scraper goldwing
Yes those are sparks.

Wing Wheelie

Here is another photo I came across of a Goldwing doing a wheelie.

Wing Wheelie2

This is how you do a underside inspection!!!

GPS Speed

Talk about Fast?? Look at the 2nd line from the bottom, far right for Max Speed. This is from a Garmin Streetpilot mounted on a 1998 Goldwing SE with Trigger Wheel!!!

It would have been faster but the SR-71 was in the way!!!
200 MPH Goldwing

It ain't Daddys Goldwing anymore.

This is project Goldwing. A 200 MPH GL1500 Goldwing.