Power Distribution Panel

By David Sawyer


If you're like many other Goldwing owners, myself included, tend to add items that need power. Cell Phones, CD Players, Radar Detectors, Lights, etc. To try and wire all these to your one single accessory connection on a single 5 amp fuse just doesn't work. The following is my solution to getting all the gadgets powered and safe.


I used a power fuse block distribution panel:

The photo above shows 2 separate buss panels each with 6 fusible lugs. The buss panels are available at your local auto supply store and cost around $10.00. They are both attached to the battery hold down bracket with wire ties and do not interfere with the battery removal or maintenance. The top panel is for accessories while the bottom panel is for items direct from the battery like my CD player, cigarette lighter cell phone power and relays.

The above is a closer view picture. I used 14 gauge wire to go from the main power lug on the panel to the power source. As you can maybe see from the photo the bottom power lug has a yellow wire from it direct to the battery positive terminal while the upper panel has a white going to a relay that goes to the accessory fused terminal.

The relay, shown below, helps reduce the draw on the power:

And as shown, the 3 relays above fit nicely under the seat.

With the above system of fusible power sources I do not any longer need to have the glass in-line fuses and I no longer need to dig through wiring to find the fuse as well as having a much cleaner instillation of wiring for toys and accessories.

I currently have the following installed on my bike that are going through my power distribution panels:

Cell Phone - 2 Connections (1 from accessory and 1 from the battery)

Radar Detector - 1 connection

Cigarette Lighter - 1 Connection going through a relay

Fog lamps - 2 connections (1 for power to the lights and 1 for the relay).

CD player - 2 connections (1 for CD Player memory to the battery and 1 to accessory)

Trunk Lights - 1 connection


Air Horns - 1 connection



I updated my panel a little since I first wrote this and labeled my wires so that they can be identified easier.

In retrospect, after looking at my setup I plan on making changes.

1. I will use a better grade of labels. I am looking for some good cloth tape to use.

2. I will change my battery to panel connection to a fusable link.


Questions or comments are always welcome


Happy and Safe Riding.