Tierra Bella 2000 Event Motorcycle/MARC pictures

Goldwings and BMW's at Tierra Bella
Photos from the Local Tierra Bella Century 2000 Bicycle Event that was patrolled by Goldwings and BMW's and HAM Operators

The Wings before the Event

Pre-Event Group
The Gang of 7. Signs in place on the bikes. Safety vests on, radios powered up. Ready to go.
The guy in the very back next to the white Goldwing is Ray Davis, former (I believe) president of MARC and a retired Fireman and paramedic. DeWitt Morgan is the one with the grey beard and no vest on yet.


Another of the group all ready to go

Just another of the group
Another of the group all signed up and ready to go.
MARC is Motorcycle Amature Radio Club. Some of these guys drove from Orange County Calif. up to the Bay Area to help with this event. Without MARC the much needed communications (and I might add life saving) would not be possible. From left to right.

1. Ray David KD6FHN with the white bike with the MARC logo on the side covers.

2. Mike Naron N6QZT

3. Jim Rodriques KC6OAU

4. DeWitt Morgan (Taking the picture) KM6UK

5. Mike Pryzbylo KE6GYC

6. David Sawyer is working on his license

7. Roger D. Rines WB1CFQ, the Teirra Bella/MARC Coordinator/Motor One/Team Captain.


DeWitts Baby Blue

MARC ready wing
This Blue year 2000 Goldwing is owned by one of the volunteers from Orange county. Note the Antennas on the back and the MARC signs and the Tierra Bella Event Communication signs. The taller antenna in the back can double for a fishin pole in a pinch! (Had to say it DeWitt)

Just another of the group.

One more MUG shot of the group
We had 7 motors in the event to patrol 4 bicycle routes of 50 miles 100 KM 100 Miles and 200 Mile course. The HAM radios and operators were invaluable!


Emergency crews at work for a down bicycle.

Emergency Crews at work
Emergency crews in action.
One of the bicycle riders had a accident and had to be rushed to the hospital. Were it not for the fast and efficient work of MARC, HAM operators and retired EMS/Firefighters this would have been a more serious life threatening event.

One Call

Just One Call
All the emergency crews.
It only took 1 radio call on the HAM gear on a Goldwing to bring California Highway Patrol, California Department of Forestry, EMS, Fire Department, Sheriff and Life Flight to air lift the victim to the hospital.

Another downed rider

Another downed rider
Downed rider getting aid.
This young lady went down and was transported to a rest stop where her injuries were examined and determined to require serious medical attention. Once again MARC was to the rescue with a radio call for EMS and the young lady was transported to the hospital.

Receiving aid

Receiving aid
Help to the injured.
Another of the young downed rider receiving first aid and comfort until the arrival of the EMS.

Additional Tierra Bella Event photos