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Ham Radio Page


This page contains information about my HAM Radio adventures and the instillation on Motorcycles. My original HAM WEB page can be found at http://davesgoldwing.com/hampage.htm

My HAM story

I have wanted to be a HAM since I was a small boy. I was always fascinated with radios and communications over the airwaves, unfortunately I was never able get past the code (Morse Code) requirements of the early days. Thus, I ended up getting involved in CB radios and the local CB clubs, which were popular and fun back in those days. CB Radio has never had very good range and had some sever limitations on them to remain legal. After I go into Motorcycles I always figured out ways to put CB radios on my Motorcycles until I bought my first Goldwing, which came factory installed with a CB. From there I became involved in Charity events where we on Motorcycles and using CB radios would patrol the bicycle charity event routes helping riders where we could and using the CBís to communicate to other Motorcycles if more help was needed. This was always spotty at best but we made due.

Along came my buddy Roger who I met because he saw my 1998 Goldwing on my WEB page. He lived a couple blocks from me and had just purchased his Goldwing, which was the same year and color as mine. Roger was a long time HAM radio guy having lived in Boston and was often seen in the wee hours of the night providing phone patch radio transmissions to folks up in the Artic. After meeting Roger he informed me that the code requirements were removed for Technician class Hams and so there began my journey of HAM Radio operator.

Since I obtained my ticket I have installed a Kenwood TMV7A dual band radio (pictured above) and, with the majority of the work and design by Roger Rines, built and installed an interface that allows using the radio through the Goldwing existing headset system http://davesgoldwing.com/ham_radio_install.html


In addition to my V7 I have also set up my bike for APRS which in plain terms is a satellite tracking system using a Kenwood TH-D7A and initially my Garmin Streetpilot but recently I have been using a small Garmin GPSII+. See my current position at but be aware that sometimes the FINDU server is slow and even down.


Because of now having Ham radio on the bike I have once again become active in the Charity events along with the Motorcycle HAM radio club I belong to called BA-MARC (Bay Area Motorcycle Amateur Radio Club) http://ba-marc.org/. With this group we perform patrol and communications support for about 6 or 7 charity events. Itís a lot of fun and a great way to give back to the community.


My original call sign assigned from the FCC was KG6FNH but I decided to get a Vanity call sign and so now it has been changed to K1DRS.


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